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Enhancing Your Smile

  • Have a wedding to go to (maybe your own!)?
  • Want to make the right impression at a date or interview?
  • Want the confidence to seal a deal?
  • Or you just want a pick me up

Then the Grange Dental Care can help with advice and treatment for bad breath, replacement of discoloured fillings, recontouring of teeth and facial makeovers to simple hygiene appointments.

We also provide tooth whitening

Why go to the Grange Dental Care for tooth whitening?

  • Full assessment- ensuring that you receive the system that works best for you
  • Full qualified supervision of your treatment
  • Our specially designed trays minimise the amount of gel used thus reducing the potential of any side effects and saving you money
  • Resolving issues pre treatment that may limit the effectiveness of the treatment
  • Solutions that work best can only be used legally by dentists. Other solutions can be used but a more likely to harm the teeth and gums.
  • Ask about our special bridal packages.

Click here for our Case Studies page to highlight how dramatic this treatment can be.