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Your Child’s Dental Care

For our younger patients we have bi-monthly children’s afternoons where examinations are carried out with emphasis on a particular dental theme.

Recent themes have included:

  • The highway code of drinks
  • Don’t forget the veg
  • Protect that winning smile wear a gumshield
  • Smiles for life.

DVDs are provided in the surgery and waiting room to distract those who are a little bit apprehensive while waiting. We also have a toothbrushing and oral hygiene club where those who are a little older can improve their hygiene technique.

Children are born free of dental disease, yet by adulthood a significant proportion of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay and even tooth loss. It is our belief that disease can be prevented.

Our aim is to provide your child with the best dental care available to secure their dental health. We ask patients to bring their children with them from birth so that we can see them regularly to help them grow up free from dental disease. For more information on the best option for your child’s dental care, please ask a member of our team.