Case Study 7

‘I feel like I’m 10 years younger. It was amazing what difference a properly fitting denture has made to my appearance- it was like having botox with out the side effects!’

(Before) This mature lady had very few of her teeth remaining and most of what was left were in poor condition. Her 2 front top teeth were decayed and the rest of her top teeth were replaced by a longstanding denture. This was now not fitting well and had ‘sunk up’ so that the 2 front teeth looked very prominent. Her bottom front teeth were decayed and had pushed up and were very uneven. She did not wish to loose any of her teeth.

(After) We removed the decay from her front teeth and restored with white filings; improved the lady’s oral hygiene and carried out some periodontal treatment. We then smoothed off the rough edges of the lower front teeth to make them more even and allow us room to make a superior denture with teeth that were able to be made the correct size and to provide the extra lip support that the patient wished for. The treatment took 7 weeks