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Worldwide Dental Emergency Insurance

Emergency Callout

cover can be provided by any dentist worldwide who agrees to treat you. You simply pay the emergency callout charge to the dentist concerned and collect a receipted invoice. This will then be processed through the practice for reimbursement from the insurers and you will be refunded the callout fee, minus the excess, up to the policy limits. This cover is to provide immediate pain relief only; no additional or restorative treatment fees can be claimed. You should return to the practice in normal hours for any further treatment required. Dental Trauma – cover is provided should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a dental trauma, for example, as a result of a road traffic accident or an accident at home or at work. The insurers will settle the claim up to the policy limits and you will need to pay any relevant excess.


benefit is provided should you have to stay in hospital as a result of dental trauma.

Permanent Facial Disfigurement

benefit is provided should you be scarred on the neck or face as a result of the accident.

Oral Cancer

a payment will be paid upon diagnosis of oral cancer.

Redundancy Protection

(not included in the Registration and Insurance Scheme) – plan premiums paid for up to one year.

Premiums and costs and conditions

A leaflet giving details of the insurance cover, limits, excesses and exclusions is available at the practice. A total premium of £0.51 per month and for the initial period, as defined in the Certifcate of Insurance (£0.49 plus Insurance Premium Tax of £0.02) for Dental Plan patients or a total premium of £9.25 per annum (£8.81 plus Insurance Premium Tax of £0.44) for Registration and Insurance Scheme patients is payable for the Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance. There may be other taxes that will not be payable through us. Patients wishing to join a Dental Plan or a Registration and Insurance Scheme are required to take out Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout Insurance. Premiums can be changed by providing you with 30 days’ notice. Practice staff are permitted to provide you with information about the insurance that is included in your plan on behalf of Practice Plan Limited, the Plan Administrator. However, practice staff are not permitted to give advice about the insurance, e.g. to compare this insurance with other dental insurance in the market. If you have any questions about this insurance then please call Practice Plan Limited on 01691 684128

Registration and Insurance Scheme

If you would prefer to pay on a fee-per-item basis, we strongly recommend that you use our Registration and Insurance Scheme. Registration with the practice will cost £25.00 and will include the insurance cover described previously (except redundancy protection). It is, however, conditional upon you attending the practice at least once a year for a check-up and having any remedial work undertaken as soon as possible, payment for which is not covered. Please ask a member of the team for further details.