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Hygienist Service


‘I never knew my teeth could feel so clean, with so little pain!’

At the Grange Dental Care we believe that most people should be able to retain most of their teeth for life. We wish to work with our patients so that they can realistically aim to achieve this goal.

Recent research has linked damage to gums to diabetes, heart problems, dementia and low birth weights among other things. With this in mind this is why we have 2 experienced dental hygienists, Fiona and Natalie. Regular visits can ensure that your teeth and gums are maintained for life, so not only will they feel healthy but look beautiful as well giving you the confidence to smile!

‘Everyone thinks they know how to clean their teeth but after visiting Natalie now I know I didn’t! Everyone should visit a hygienist’

Fiona and Natalie will not only remove plaque and calculus deposits from teeth, they will also teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene. They will advise them on the benefits of flossing, and use of tepe brushes and mouthwashes.

‘I used to have to get numbed up to get that done but with Fiona I don’t. I would come back to her every week if I needed to’

Fiona and Natalie will also advise on diets to help reduce damage to teeth. Since most dental practices in the area do not have a service like this we do take referrals from other practices.