In 2011 and 2012 (according to government statistics) patients at The Grange Dental Care have had, on average, 30% less fillings placed than the normal N. Ireland dental practice

At the Grange Dental Care we believe that most people should be able to retain most of their teeth for life. We wish to work with our patients so that they can realistically aim to achieve this goal.

How do we do this?

We are only 1 of a few dental practices in N. Ireland involved in a clinical trail aimed at reducing decay in young children

We discuss with all new private patients their previous dental experience and how we can improve on this (first appointment)

We provide relaxed child friendly afternoons for examinations of our younger patients (children)

We have Fiona, our dental hygienist, and Natalie (dental therapist) who can provide individualised hygiene plans for all our patients

We provide dietary advice (sports)

Give advise and make mouth guards (sports)